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CPD - Inside the Family Business Mind

Date: 19th September 2013

Location: Drayton Manor

 A significant number of members have expressed an interest in learning more about family business dynamics and the psychological aspects of family business life. This one day CPD course is designed to meet that requirement.  

This course is a repeat of the course which ran earlier this year. 

As family business practitioners, we are all keen to understand more about the dynamics and, at times puzzling, behaviours of our family business clients. The aim of the day is to introduce and develop an understanding of the key psychological concepts of most relevance to family business situations.

In practice there is no such thing as a universal family business mind. Accordingly, there is no single unifying theory of family business psychology. However, there are a number of perspectives or "lenses" through which to view family business behaviour. The day will introduce members to key concepts, such as:-

  • -identity theory
  • -personality profiling
  • -family systems theory
  • -transaction analysis

Although we will all still be a few years short of becoming qualified psychologists, at the end of the day, and armed with this introduction, practitioners should be in a position to return to the challenging family business situations they encounter in their day to day practice with greater insight and increased confidence. 

Previous Family Business Mind events have received the following feedback " An excellent day all round. Role play was brilliant. Theory was also a real eye opener. Thoroughly recommended!" Due to various work commitments, holidays, ect for the first event we have decided to repeat this event in September because psychological aspects of family business life should form an important component of the ICFIB CPD training.  

The day will mix theory with interactive exercises and discussions and will be led by ICFIB Professional Member, Caroline Gourlay. Caroline will be known to many of you. She is a Chartered Psychologist with over 15 years experience in business psychology. In addition to work with larger corporations and public sector clients Caroline has a particular focus on working with mid-sized owner managed businesses, including family businesses.

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