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Did You Know?

Family businesses generate


per annum of UK tax receipts


Family businesses contribute


of UK total tax revenues


Family Businesses account for


of UK private sector employment (9.5m people)




fail to plan formally for succession




make it to second generation family ownership


Family businesses account for almost


of the overall UK GDP


For families

This area is specifically designed for you as a family in business.

At times being in a family business, or owner-managed business, is challenging and frustrating. Being in a family business can be hugely rewarding. At other times it can be one of the loneliest place in the world.

How do we know this? Because most of the ICFIB team are from family businesses and know first hand. It’s also because we hear these stories on a daily basis from the families we work with and talk to.

What does this mean? You aren’t the only ones that experience these things – so welcome to the ICFIB community designed to support you in whatever way you need us to.

Some simply want a neutral space to come to that’s away from the business and family. Others look to find other family business members to talk to. It may be that you need people to help and facilitate something within the business or you might wish to access our directory which includes accredited suppliers.

It’s also understandable if you don’t even know what you want or need.

We hope we have something for everyone and can deliver it in the way you need us to.

It’s the first step that matters. It’s often a small one but the most important one. It’s the one that allows you to begin moving forward.


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